Saturday, August 16, 2008

Praise For Pelee

Two shows left!  Come and see what Summerworks is Buzzing about.
Sat August 16 - 5:00 pm
Sun August 17 - 1:00 pm
The Theatre Centre (Queen and Dovercourt)
Tickets $10

"NNNN - Like a dusty, small town museum brought to life, this ensemble piece with music resureects the rich but nearly forgotten history of Pelee.  Erin Brandenburg vividly recounts/recreated emotionally charged events and legends.  Supported by an ornate set of museum pieces, Brandenburg and co-writer/director Lauren Taylor balance backwoods humour with solid history to create an entertaining window into Canada's past. - NOW"

'**** Clever and charming, Pelee presents a slice of Canadian history that is accessible and enjoyable educational.' - EYE Weekly

'**** Brandenburg and Penner have surpassed the charm and music of their previous Fringe hit, 'Reesor' with this collection of historical tales about the southernmost island in Canada.  The most enjoyable show i've seen so far at the festival.' - Gracing the Stage.

'This charming combo of music and storytelling . . . the real star here is the music.  Played on a variety of old and fancifully homemade instruments, it somehow manages to be simultaneously evocative, haunting and exuberant.  Freaky. 
A Very compelling piece of Canadiana.' -

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